Ray Peligro – Drippin


Ray Peligro – Drippin: Ray Peligro whose real name is David Reese is a Southern rapper signed to an Indie label named Jackpot $outh Music Group (J$MG). He was born in Tampa, FL in the early 80’s. He moved around a lot in the early years of his life, but has always considered Florida his home. His life enjoyment is solving mysteries. He is an avid reader and is always looking to expand his mind and learn something new. He looks up to people like Hitler, not for what he did, but the genius of the mind behind it.

His love for music was discovered at a young age when he would hang out with his best friend’s for hours rapping over beats they had found. He believes that to this day, the first rap he ever wrote was the hardest he has written and can still recount it word for word. In 2011 he recorded his first music video. After seeing himself on camera and seeing how an audience reacted to him, he decided to take his music to the next level. Ray Peligro can change the path that rap music is currently on. He prides himself on being intellectual and has an amazing gift of conversation, and writing skills. His lyrics can be interpreted in many ways depending on the listener’s level of comprehension, and that’s what sets him apart from the rest. “In five years, I can see myself leading a revolution” Peligro says. Get in tune with Ray Peligro where there is never a dull moment, and with his high sense of fashion, fans can look forward to a clothing line in the future as well.