Rasky Sadagr – Sacrifice EP

Rasky Sadagr - Sacrifice EP

Rasky Sadagr to release brand new EP, “Sacrifice”

Rasky Sadagr is a recording artist originally from Lithuania, although he is currently based in Wiesbaden, Germany. Recently, he wrapped up the sessions for a brand new EP called “Sacrifice.”

The project is a really great example of the artist’s groundbreaking creative vision, exploring different ideas and approaching music with an experimental attitude. His songs are ethereal and soothing, with a dreamy feel and a truly distinctive atmosphere. Although Rasky never learned how to play an instrument, he found a huge passion for sampling and tracking music, creating unique compositions out of his way to interpret sounds and ideas.

Inspired by artists as diverse as Depeche Mode, H.R. Tiger, as well as Richie Hawtin, Rasky set out to make music that embodies lush new age textures, great hooks and groundbreaking arrangements with a honest vibe.

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