Que-Brick – N****s On TV

Que-Brick presenting his new release, ‘N****s On TV’

“Born in Atlanta, GA on April 21st, raised in a small town called Palmetto, GA. Quentin Williams is a true native of the south. With upbringings Also in the inner city “Adamsville” where he would stay with his father, that’s where he truly found his love for music .Being influence by all cultures of music at a young age has helped him create a sound like none other. Mixing soul, funk, trap, and pop he has a distinct sound that helps tell his story. With several mixtapes/projects under his belt such as “A Souldier Story” , “God I’m Tryin” and his most recent “Free Jewelry” Que is truly a rare breed. He fuses content with melodic production and popular trap drums . Almost as if J Cole and Future were blended . With the death of his sister ( being murdered by her boyfriend and father passing away recently with cancer) he carries a certain chip on his shoulder . That’s not all Quentin has shook up the acting world as well. Starting in 2 web series notably “Blue Collar Hustle” in which he won best actor at a LA Film Festival. Look for him to come up in the underground realm and impact the world.”