Quantum Elev8 – Sunglasses At Night

Quantum Elev8 dropping his new single, ‘Sunglasses At Night’

Quantum Elev8 An element of energy! A music Hip Hop/Pop/Rap Rock recording artist from Connecticut has risen from the ashes of his beloved brother “JUNI” that left this earth in the year 2019. There is a story behind this artist’s music that has been inspired by his little brother that passed away recently. His music is like a “testimony” if you will. God is a huge part of his life. It was a really dark time for him when his little brother passed away but after some healing he started to see the light and turned to music as an outlet instead of going down the wrong path that he was used to. His music comes from the pain and struggles, trials and tribulations he experienced from his past. His change up is like no other. Don’t take his kindness for weakness, especially in his music! He can vibe to any type of music and change it up real quick on you. Hence the name Quantum ( elements of energy ). 
He is not new to music but he is a brand new artist to the game. He literally just started to make music and is working on many more projects to come. Quantum has been in the underground scene before social media really took off and then put down the mic to focus on his family and fully invest in them. But once his brother passed away something happened in a positive way. The energy of his brother woke up the part of Quantum that had been dormant for a long time and now awakened for the world to see. This is music you can really feel and relate to. ELEV8 IN POWER.