Pyrex The Enigma – Creative

Pyrex The Enigma to release brand new song Creative,” taken from the artist’s recent full-length studio album.

February 2020 – As his stage name might suggest, Pyrex The Enigma is a captivating and forward-thinking artist whose music is actually quite hard to categorize. Recently, he released an album called “Dimensions With No Directions,” which features a combination of various rap and urban influences.

There are 9 songs on the album, but one of the highlights is certainly “Creative,” one of the most outstanding singles on this release. The song has a chill beat that still feels quite energetic. The drum machine has a lo-fi touch to it, with a moody atmosphere and a colorful character.

The melodies of the song are also quite understated, going from deeper sonic textures, and cool synth plucks adding more rhythm and groove to the beats. Pyrex has a distinctive vocal flow, which makes me think of artists as diverse as OutKast, as wells as Royce Da 5’9” and old-school legends like A Tribe Called Quest, only to mention a few.

Find out more about Pyrex The Enigma, and do not miss out on “Create,” which is now available on Spotify and other platforms within the “Dimensions With No Directions” album (track number 3)