PuertoRicanism – Edgemaster

PuertoRicanism - Edgemaster

PuertoRicanism is back with a brand new release: Edgemaster

September 2020 – PuertoRicanism is an artist with a focus on combining modern hip-hop aesthetics with a Latin flavor and a unique set of sonic influences, making for a one-of-a-kind approach to production. The artist is all about setting the bar higher in terms of creativity and composition, and his most recent release, “Edgemaster,” is a perfect example of what I am talking about here.

The song has a killer vibe, with tons of low end adding weight and power to the mix. The song begins with a cinematic voiceover part, a down-tuned spoken part that introduces the dark and edgy vibes of the song. The rap flow feels like the sound of artists such as Wu-Tang Clan as well as A Tribe Called Quest or Big L. The distinctive old-school flavors of this release have a bit of an East Coast feel, but also something quite different, especially with the clever use of samples and spoken-words parts.

Check out PuertoRicanism, and do not miss out on this brand new release, which you can now find on your favorite digital music streaming platforms.