PuertoRicanism & Abi Cruz – Make You Leak

PuertoRicanism & Abi Cruz introducing: Make You Leak.

May 2021 – PuertoRicanism joined forces with Abi Cruz to release a fantastic new project: Make You Leak. This track is particularly special, because it combines classic hip-hop vibes with the melodies of R&B and a lot of more. Moreover, the production features  that secret spice that you would expect from PuertoRicanism, with Abi Cruz also offering an amazing creative contribution. The sound is big, larger-than-life and punchy, allowing the melodies to blend in perfectly with the beat and bringing a lot more variety to the mix. This one is an absolute must for any fan of artists such as Boyz II Men, D’Angelo, Frank Ocean, or Twista, only to name a few! Ultimately, “Make You Leak” is another winning addition to PuertoRicanism’s amazing discography, showcasing a willingness to keep trying new ideas and keep being more open to different creative challenges and artistic choices. This is a great way to keep giving fans something to look forward to!

Find out more about PuertoRicanism & Abi Cruz, and listen to Make You Leak, which is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services.