Professor – Melodic Trap Book One

Professor - Melodic Trap Book One

Professor presents: Melodic Trap Book One.

October 2020 – Professor is a talented recording artist based in Washington, DC. His music has a very modern and punchy sound, influenced by trap but also embracing some really exciting and melodic elements. This is actually one of the most distinctive aspects of this release, because it makes the artist able to create catchy songs that appeal to a broader audience, and not strictly rap fans.

Professor recently released a new album titled “Melodic Trap Book One,” which stands out as a really good example of what I am talking about right now. This melodic trap record features nine songs, extending over the span of 26 minutes. Each track has something special to offer, revealing the bright personality of this talented artist. In particular, “Rock” and “Tiktok” stand out as two of the best and most popular tracks on this release, as they are making massive waves on the music scene!

Find out more about Professor and do not miss out on his music, which is currently available on your favorite digital music streaming platforms.