PRODUC – PRODUC Presents 1970

PRODUC - PRODUC Presents 1970

PRODUC proudly presents his latest album, ‘PRODUC Presents 1970’

PRODUC’s music always stands out, because he is definitely not your average hip-hop artist. His most recent studio release, “1970,” is actually a fantastic example of what I am talking about it.
On this track, PRODUC channels the warmth and punch of old school hip-hop. However, he also knows when to enhance the clarity of the listening experience, blurring the lines between the modern scene and the golden age of the genre. His dynamic range is astonishing. He can explore different tonalities with a stellar twist. From raspy and warm lows to soothing highs, anything goes.

This stunning collection of songs marks an unprecedented step forward for this artist. PRODUC’s sound is becoming more personal and defined, one release at a time. Each track has something special to offer, with melodies that are easy to relate to and very catchy.
Having said that, PRODUC is not just about creating catchy and infectious hooks. He has a lot more depth, which makes his music all the more special for it.
Some artists are just entertainers. Others aim to accomplish so much more. They want to reach deeper within the heart and minds of the audience and create art with a much deeper purpose. With his dope lyrics, PRODUC definitely belongs to the latter category.
Right off the bat, one of the very first things that you might notice is definitely the fact that this track has got a lot of energy to it. The fact that the song has got somewhat of a retro twist is really amazing in terms of vibes. This actually means that the track has got a bit more of a swing to it, and there is that elusive “human” quality that’s sadly lacking in a lot of modern rap music releases on the scene today. Thankfully, PRODUC really set out to work very hard to give his songs a really distinctive texture. As a result, “1970” really stands out in the hip-hop panorama.

This astonishing album actually features 17 new songs. This is actually quite impressive. In a time when most rappers are even afraid to commit to short EPs and prefer to release singles, this artist is here with a massive full-length album, with 17 new songs. I mean, most new albums barely reach the 10-songs milestone! This is a true sonic journey, an experience that will take you on so many different paths, from the moment you press the play button, down to the end of the set list.

Some of these songs are atmospheric. For example, tracks such as “Mic Dreams,” with its fantastic experimental beat, almost makes me think of some of the later Mac Miller works. However, songs such as “Lay In The Breeze” definitely bring something different to the table. This song in particular definitely stands out as one of the highlights on this release. It is extremely catchy and unapologetic, and it actually features some of the most excellent hooks on the entire album.
Another song that’s worth mentioning is definitely “Let It Go.” To me, this is another album highlight, particularly due to its combination of killer grooves, punchy beats, and ambient soundscapes.
If you are a fan of artists as diverse as J. Cole, Drake, Snoop Dogg, or Nipsey Hussle, you are definitely going to enjoy this new jam by PRODUC, because it really hits the mark in all the right way.

It is not surprising that this charismatic rap artist is quickly generating quite a powerful buzz around his sound. With such a great combination of skills and cool sounds, anything goes. PRODUC has a distinctive approach to rap songwriting, and the fact that the songs on this album follow so many different directions is actually a testament to his mental openness and creative acuity.
Find out more about PRODUC, and do not miss out on “1970” and other amazing releases from this one-of-a-kind rap artist. The music is currently available via Soundcloud or on Spotify!