Porter Rich – **No HOOK**

Porter Rich - **No HOOK**

Porter Rich: NYC rapper releases his new, explosive single, “No Hook”

Porter Rich, aka Young Lye, is a rap artist hailing from The Bronx, NYC. The year 2018 thus far has been quite a full one for this talented performer, who is quickly boosting his reputation and spreading his work with a wider audience.

His most recent studio effort is an explosive single release titled “No Hook”. The track

This song might be titled “No Hook”, but make no mistake. This track is actually incredibly catchy, with some cool melodies and a really massive beat, which highlights the qualities of the artist’s phenomenal lyrical flow. The sound of this track actually echoes the “golden age” of hip-hop, with a particular focus on the East Coast vibe – given that Porter Rich is actually from The Bronx, the connection couldn’t be more natural. The artist’s unique lyrical flow is also reminiscent of artists as diverse as Jay Z, P. Diddy or Styles P., just to mention but a few. The track has got a very energetic, yet melodic sound, with a particular focus on great hooks and cool lyrical twists.

Find out more about Porter Rich, and listen to “No Hook”, and other phenomenal releases from this talented Bronx rapper:

Artist Bio:

The door is flung wide open and upon entering is the main event talent to the stage. The crowd is hype and roaring, a few fist fights occur with fans, but once the lights dim and the dj spins that Porter Rich’s heat track call ”No HooK”, the crowd simmers down. The talent emerges to the stage and the sound barrier is broken by the screams from the fans.

2018 has opened up with a bang for Porter Rich aka Young Lye, who was born and raised in the boogie down Bronx, New York City. 2018 he released heat singles like ”Got Me Some Bands” & ”No HooK” doing numbers and numbers don’t lie, also with many write ups and placements. With past write ups two placements in The Source Magazine, Hype, Thisis50.com, Valid, and World Star HipHop, just to mention a few write ups and placements he has under his belt.

Porter Rich is a hip hop artist that has taken over the world by storm and invading people’s ear phones with his music. The music has beats that are smooth yet compelling for fans to chill to. His lyrics are fresh and rhymes that take you on a tour of the world of Porter Rich in a cross country road trip. The lyrics are energetic and when the journey is over, you quench your thirst with plenty of his songs.

He has performed and open for the greats and hip hop’s current crop of musicians, like Lloyde Banks, Tony Yayo, FreeWay, Cory Gunz, Maino, Styles P, Dj WebStar just to mention a few; He is enjoying the viral successes of his current songs on various channels.