Poppy Roscoe – Freaky People

Poppy Roscoe Presents “Freaky People”: A Bold Art-Rock Odyssey Unveiling the Dark Side of Suburbia

Poppy Roscoe, the captivating and inventive Art-Rock ensemble, proudly launch their latest music video, “Freaky People.” With an unwavering dedication to crafting a comprehensive multimedia musical-video experience, the band, led by founder Izzy Fortune and drummer Jacob Smith, redefines the power of music to narrate a rich, meaningful story.

In their sophomore album, “Sea Fortune and the Desert Rats,” Poppy Roscoe delves into an extraordinary tale chronicling the adventures of three desert rats. This narrative unfolds a compelling story that resonates deeply with its audience. “Freaky People,” a pivotal track from this album, is an exploration into the eerie and unsettling realities of suburban America, illustrating the eventual rise of hippie jam bands amid the horrors of modern society.

The music video showcases the next step in Poppy Roscoe’s evolutionary musical journey, signaling their forthcoming ambitious musical pursuits. This journey is set to culminate in the band’s magnum opus: a Grand-Semiseria Opera infused with kabuki elements, promising an unprecedented audio-visual experience for their dedicated cult following.

Inspired by iconic artists such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath, Poppy Roscoe masterfully weaves their unique style, breathing life into a narrative that is both intriguing and musically immersive.

Plot Synopsis of “Freaky People”: In the video, the Desert Rats, portrayed as foreign invaders, are captured by local housewives, thrust into a life of luxury within the upper echelons of a Civilized Zociety for the Bi-Annual-South-Western-Regional-Rat-Judging-Competition-and-Trade-Convention-For-Elite-Home-Owners. Amidst this extravagance, Izzrat and Jacorat deliver a rather stiff audition, easily overshadowed by the virtuosity of Adarat and his FORTUNE brand guitar.

Amidst the glamour, Adarat is selected for the final competition while Izzrat and Jacorat are relegated to the behind-the-scenes debauchery of the entertainment industry. As the big event unfolds, Adarat, upon seeing his friends in the audience, realizes his true passion lies elsewhere. Joined by The Band, they break into a series of electrifying solos, defying the judges’ snobbish attitudes.

As chaos erupts and the judges attempt to remove the rats from the stage, a musical invasion unfolds, symbolizing a rejection of suburban monotony. The Desert Rats, understanding the vacuity of the suburbs, depart in search of a more fulfilling existence.

This latest video release marks a pivotal moment for Poppy Roscoe, setting the stage for future groundbreaking narratives and exceptional musical experiences for their devoted fan base.

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