Polecat – END RACISM feat. Brick Casey

END RACISM by Polecat🐾 feat. Brick Casey

This piece was produced by @DowBrizzyBeats/Underground Productions, (written by Polecat🐾 of The Original Street Poets and Brick Casey); in hopes to bring about greater awareness surrounding #Racism, #Diversity&Inclusion and the quest for #Solidarity amongst all races and nationalities.

The issue of #Race and #RacialEquality has long-since been an issue of great concern worldwide and recently many here in America feel that more can be, (and needs to be), done before we as a community of people can lay to rest the issue of #Race and #Racism.

Polecat🐾 and Brick Casey simply seeks to do their part in the struggle for #Equality and in the same breath strive for a #Peaceful solution towards that end.

Absolutely we as African Americans attest to the truth of #BlackLivesMatter🖤; (as all lives do); however it is important to note that the message here isn’t intended to be one-sided and that the #BLk movement is real and much needed to bring about #TrueChange.

We thank for your time here in viewing the song and video; but #Truth is – this is ONLY A SONG AND A VIDEO and real #Change can only come by #RealPeople making #RealDecisions to make #RealChange happen.

We urge anyone who has taken the time to watch the video; to please take the time to show #Respect towards any and all no matter what #Race, #Gender, #Nationality, #Religion, #SexualPreference and #Person.

in closing; Polecat🐾, Brick Casey and DowBrizzyBeats’ prayers and sympathy goes out to all victims and familes that have endured #Racism and/or #Racial-Inequality; and we look forward to helping raise the bar of awareness behind this issue.

Thank you all and #GodBlessYou. 🙏🏿

Polecat🐾, Brick Casey & @DowBrizzy