Polar Bear – The Lost Verses Vol.1

Polar Bear is back with a brand new studio release: “The Lost Verses Vol.1”

Polar Bear has been in the rap game for well over two decades now: that’s 20 years of killer rhymes and amazing beats! Hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada), the rapper has announced that he will be dropping a new album in 2023, and performing live soon. His most recent release, “The Lost Verses Vol.1”, serves as a great indication of what’s about to come. This fantastic studio work highlights Polar Bear’s unique personality. As a rapper, he loves to make music that relates to his personal experiences and hardships through life, such as growing up in a broken home or struggling with addiction. Because of his first-hand narrative, Polar Bear is able to make music that feels truly honest and easy to relate to, something that’s becoming increasingly rarer in the rap game!

Polar Bear is the real deal, and this is going to be an unforgettable year for him!.