Perelli – Believe Me


New release from Perelli “Believe Me”

Perelli started as a Producer in 1998. Making tracks for the neighborhood rap group, Center Of Confusion (C.O.C.). In 2001 Perelli released “The Perfect Blunt”. Only 1000 copies were ordered and sold. Early on Perelli2 realized how hard the music business could be. Radio Stations and television we not allowed to say “The Perfect Blunt” on air, so marketing the “The Perfect Blunt” was a nightmare. Perelli put “The Perfect Blunt” on the back burner and opened a studio. DAV Tech, (Digital Audio and Video Technology) on Blue Ridge Rd. in Kanas City, MO. Perelli keep the studio open for a year but realized being a Studio Engineer was not his goal. In 2003, Perelli released “Spiritual Warfare” after being baptized.

Perelli sold 1700 of 2000 copies, mostly in North Louisiana and the Kansas City Area. In 2005, Perelli released “Private Stock”, a profanity free 22 Track CD. Private stock sold 3000 Copies and still gets downloaded from all over the World. In 2008, Perelli opened up a car dealership, Front Line Motors. The name later changed to Roberts Company Motor Mart, re-opening a Kansas City tradition that started in 1919 by Homer Roberts. Perelli2 aka Bryan Perell Brooks has sold over 5000 cars in Kansas City.. In 2009, Perelli signed Kstylis to a promotion deal and helped build the Kstylis brand through websites and social media. It was during this process that Perelli learned how the music business actually worked. Perelli started producing videos in 2011 and has produced over 100 video’s and 1 movie (The Black Victor Newman) since. In March 2013 Perelli connected with Livestream to open LivestreamKC, a multi-camera Live Broadcast Company. After visiting a music conference in October 2013, Perelli changed his strategy from helping others with their career to building up his brand. November 1, 2013 Perelli founded, P2 Clothing Co., and the same time released the Smash Hit “TURN IT UP” The rest is history.

Check out the latest release by Perelli, “Believe Me”

Current Album Releases: The Perfect Blunt – Spiritual Warfare – Private Stock