Penelope Robin – Soy Yo

Artistrack brings to you ‘Soy Yo’ by Penelope Robin

Penelope Robin presents her new musical EP, “Soy Yo,” entirely in Spanish, marking a bold departure from her previous compositions in English. This EP encapsulates an urban essence that resonates exceptionally well with the Latin audience. Each song is a unique gem, where the distinctive sound of rock and pop blends captivatingly, all accompanied by Penélope’s unmistakable and seductive voice.

The track “Soy Yo” is a testimony to Penélope’s confident and daring personality, while “Alas en el Cielo” and “Flores en mi Pecho” reveal her more romantic and vulnerable side. “Eso me Pasa” brings a delightful mix of pop and energetic rhythms, making the song a catchy and memorable experience. On the other hand, “Solo Pa Mi” envelops you and reminds you that sometimes it’s necessary to be alone to gain strength.

The musicality of this EP draws from Penélope’s Latin roots, capturing elements of reggaetón, Cuban son, and indie touches. “Soy Yo” is a masterpiece that combines the best of two worlds, creating a unique musical experience that will undoubtedly resonate in the hearts of those who listen to it.