PayFre$ho – A World Of My Own

PayFre$ho - A World Of My Own

PayFre$ho has just dropped his fresh release, “A World Of My Own”. 

July 2021 – PayFre$ho is a rap artist from Canada. He recently dropped a fresh new album, “A World Of My Own,” which is one of his best studio efforts to date. This innovative offering from the artist features their signature lyrical styling as well as a killer soundscape that draws the listener in from the very first moment. This new release is reminiscent of the likes of Lil Baby, and Gunna, to mention but a few iconic acts. Just like these musicians, PayFre$ho has a distinctive sound that sets him out above the crowd. 

The album features 9 tracks, and there is a lot of room to explore new ideas, while still retaining a distinctive modern rap sound that feels quite dynamic and massive. It’s clear from the get-go that PayFre$ho creates music that he is passionate about and this can be quite rare to find in a contemporary artist. This authenticity and love of music speak through their music and this is why it’s impossible to only listen to the release once. It requires a few listens the first time round to soak in all the nuances and details. 

Check out PayFre$ho’s brand new release, “A World Of My Own”, at the link below!