Pace Otto – Like Jigga

Pace Otto introducing brand new single release: Like Jigga

May 2020 – Rap artist Pace Otto has a very energetic sound and a unique lyrical flow, which highlights his passion for the southern sound. He has been influenced by artists such as Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, Drake, as well as Future, only to mention a few. What makes his music so outstanding is definitely the fact that he created his own style with a lot of realness, and his recent song “Like Jigga,” is actually a perfect example of that.

The track kicks off with a melodic intro, and the beat soon drops into its full-blast form, creating the perfect musical background for the artist to keep unfolding his skills and vocal chops. The keyboards at the beginning have a bit of a funk-soul feel, and the vocals match the intensity of the bass and 808 beat here. This song has a modern feel to it, but it is also a pretty great example of how to create timeless vibes that never go out of style.

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