Overture – Dominions Collide

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Dominions Collide’ by the talented Overture:

Overture is a Progressive Melodic Rock Band who has a fresh prospective on high intensity, melodic, haunting, thought-provoking music and vocals with a deep perspective of the world. With depth of substance, the songs take you on a journey of the mind, highlighted by intense melodic rhythm. Overtures invites you to come on a journey with us and submerge yourself in theatric, melodic, rhythmic, stimulating, interesting, perceptive, and provocative songs that will have you thinking about who we are, where we are going, what is happening around us and who can we be.

Song Meaning: Political upheaval, insanity in the houses of power, the powerful using their own platforms to lie and push their evil agendas is now upon us. Somehow evil has infiltrated and have control of our media. Politicians and the so-called elite think we will all just line up and obey their socialistic and evil views. But there is a true awakening of the silent majority, and the “So called, self-described elite” is realizing that they are losing control as dominions now collide.

Who Is Overture? We were originally founded in 1993 releasing multiple Demos, EP’s, and Albums. Overture went on hiatus back in 1996, in September of 2020 Guitarist Christopher Young reached out to Vocalist Michael Goldsmith with a few song ideas. We found that the chemistry and passion that was there before was not only still there but had grown expeditiously. This tuned into Christopher and Michael picking up and bearing the torch of Overture and forging ahead with creating their first album after all these years. This chemistry grew when we started to work with accomplished, highly talented, and amazing studio musicians Diego Palma (Keys – band: Lord Devine), Peter Albert de Reyna (Bass – band: Seven Spires) and Jonas Schütz (drums – band: Sacrosanct). Follow us on Spotify, because this is only the start of a long journey, we would like to take with you.