Outta $pace – 365 The EP


With about one and a half to two weeks passing of the releasing of Outta $pace’s first EP ‘365 The EP’, Outta $pace looks forward in collaborating with other artists in the DMV area in hopes to expand his sound. This 11 track EP entails the struggles of balancing the obstacles in life, his music and his personal life; he goes in-depth on this in the skit and the hit “Walkthrough”. In a brief overview of speaking to him in the development of this blog posting, he speaks on the song stating, “So many people ain’t take me serious when I started rapping, like right now it’s a lifestyle, something i’m eating & breathing. After a while I just stopped caring what they were talking about, because if they couldn’t relate, understand, or deal with that, then the ties was just cut right there”. Outta $pace definitely is somebody that feels music when it hits him. Go check his EP out and be on the look out for more from the 365 member throughout the DMV.