$ouL – PRBLMS Remix (No PRBLMS)

Check out the Official Music Video for ‘PRBLMS Remix (No PRBLMS)’ from $ouL 

$oul is a hip-hop artist who’s been causing quite a stir in the rap community, due to his searing flow and fantastic feel. His most recent release is actually a remix titled PRBLMS, which puts a new spin on his music, with a thick textural layer of beats, engaging melodies and cool soundscapes that bringing the artist’s flow to new heights.

The Baltimore rapper has been juggling in between classic rap and trap vibes continually, expanding on his creative vision and creative music that always keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. This release is a perfect example of the rapper’s signature tone and style, which always blurs the lines between ideas and different schools of production.

This release channels the warmth of the golden age, as well as the broad focus of modern rap, echoing the work of artists ad diverse as 2Pac, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Kendrick Lamar or Kid Kudi, only to mention a few.