One Mic – I Won’t Be Silent

One Mic - I Won't Be Silent

One Mic drops his brand new album, ‘I Won’t Be Silent’

One Mic is one of the hottest new artists to debut his album, I Won’t Be Silent. Growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he developed a love of music from his father, a gospel guitarist. He has been writing music from the early days of his youth. The artist plays the lead and bass guitars, piano & keyboard, and drums. His sound is a mix of R&B, Jazz, and Classical music. As an independent songwriter, he has written music for several artists through the years. In light of the social unrest in the United States, One Mic decided that the world needs additional voices to enlighten and bring healing. Fittingly, the album titled song, I Won’t Be Silent, speaks for and cries out for others to never be silent again. Silent is compliance; therefore, the artist is dedicated to using his music to add social harmony to our world.