Olga Layevska – W.A. Mozart – Air of Kerubino (Review)

Check out this music review for, ‘W.A. Mozart-Air of Kerubino’ a song released by Olga Layevska

January 2020 – Olga Layevska is a gifted and passionate singer with a life-long connection with music. She has studied with some of the best teachers, and travel the world singing to audiences of all walks of life. Recently, she released a stunning album titled “Ave Maria! Gratia Plena…” which features 10 songs. The release pays homage to exciting composers such as Hendel, Bach, Shubert, and more. The album also features a stunning rendition of “W.A. Mozart-Air of Kerubino”, which is one of the highlights on the release. On this song, Olga outdid herself with one of the most exciting and dynamic vocal pieces of this release. The arrangement stays true to the original spirit of this song, giving the track a more personal vibe, while still retaining that timeless feel.

If you are a fan of classical recordings and timeless pieces, you owe it to yourself to check out Olga’s stunning performance, because her voice is truly masterful and expressive.

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