Olga Layevska – Ferenz List – Cancona

Olga Layevska presents – Ferenz List – Cancona

Olga Layevska is a singer, musical educator, and recording artist who is currently based in Bedord, NC, Canada. She has been consistently praised for her sultry and highly articulate voice in the soprano range. With an academic background and high-end music education under her belt, Olga, who is originally from Ukraine, studied in her home country, and had the opportunity to perform extensively throughout the world. She played to audiences across Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, and Canada. She is even a vocal teacher, and she taught vocal lessons at the College of Music in Kherson, Ukraine.

Not only is Olga a gifted singer, but a creative performer who brings so much passion and emotion to her performances and recording likes, looking up to the staple composers and performers of Classical and contemporary music alike.

Olga Layevska’s voice can be heard on many of her beautiful recordings, including a rendition of Cancona (Ferenz List,) which showcases her vocal control and expressive range in full.

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