Old Skool QueenE – God’s Angel

Old Skool QueenE - God's Angel

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Old Skool QueenE – God’s Angel’

I am a Poet and Singer-Songwriter that was raised in the Washington, DC Ghetto neighborhood back in the day when it was known as Chocolate City. During this lock down Covid-19 Virus, I looked on T.V. at the Black Lives Matter Crowd marching in the streets and saw the Marchers as Angels. I even thought I saw my own Mother who recently passed away September 1, 2019 marching with the Protesters. This became the inspiration for my writing and producing this song called God’s Angels. And this Gospel genre is part of my upbringing besides R&B and Go-Go that my parents were very much apart of the Church Family. And I am presently busy working to produce and record my first All Go-Go Album while working my Virtual Book Signing Tour via Zoom, so stay tune.