Old Skool QueenE – Christmas Cheer

Old Skool QueenE announcing new holiday release, “Christmas Cheer”

Oh, it’s almost that special time once again! The holidays are a season of cheer, joy, and…Christmas songs! Many artists try their hand at beloved classics or enticing originals, crafted specifically for the occasion. Old Skool QueenE is really all about capturing the warmth of Christmas, with her most recent holiday release, “Christmas Cheer.”

This song has a very upbeat and positive feel, and it really stands out for its melodies and production. The track has a really unique sound, which makes me think of genres as diverse as Motown, pop and R&B.

When it comes to Christmas music, there are definitely some flavorful elements that really create that special Christmas-y sound. This track has got all of those and more. On the other hand, it also captures the sound and talents of Old Skool QueenE as a performer in her own right.

Find out more about Old Skool QueenE and do not miss out on this wonderful new Christmas release.