Obi Khan – Midlife Crisis

Obi Khan - Midlife Crisis

Obi Khan – Midlife Crisis:

After a 20 year hiatus, not having recorded since 1999 (90s tracks are on Soundcloud link below), Obi has come back HARD with a new upcoming LP “Midlife Crisis.” After converting all his old tracks and creating a Soundcloud, Obi got the itch to start rhyming again by dropping “Grasshopper.” Teaming up with Cannibal Ox’s Vast Aire and Brotherhood 603’s Thanos, Obi brings back that old Boom Bap flavor with current, relevant subject matter. Obi focuses on the art of hip-hop, dope beats, DJing, lyrics, somebody want lyrics? Well Obi Khan got lyrics. For days… Check out my current project and you can see the throwbacks from 1995-1999 on my Soundcloud as well.

“Midlife Crisis” offers some diversity in range and focuses on putting out music for the Underground Heads, Political Heads, Lyrical Heads and Beat lovers. This ain’t your Daddy’s hip hop, oh wait, it probably is lol… Anyways, show support, give a listen, it ain’t the same stuff you hear day in and day out.