Nick Caprari – Rain

Nick Caprari announcing new single, “Rain.”

Hailing from Philadelphia, Nick Caprari has been a musician and performer for several years, before he eventually retired. However, his children’s love for music prompted him to begin songwriting again and create beautiful songs in the hopes of making people happy with his art!

Recently, he has released a new single titled “Rain” – a track with a nice retro rock feel. If you enjoy the hard-hitting punch of groups such as Led Zeppelin, as well as the warm psychedelic textures of Phish or 13th Floor Elevator, you are definitely going to enjoy this track. Nick’s musicianship hits the mark in every way, ranging from the perks of the arrangements, to the unique vibes of this release.

The track has a very haunting, cinematic feel, with beautiful textures that make the sound even more interesting and direct. The melodies have a really cool exotic flavor and somewhat of a bluesy feel, while the beat is blissfully hypnotic and understated.