Ni’ Year – Overtime feat. Frostyee (Prod. By Frostyee)

Ni’Year just released a brand new single titled “Overtime.”

Artist Ni’Year is hitting the music scene with a new production. The artist’s most recent hip-hop single is titled “Overtime,” and it is a winning collaboration with fellow artist Frostyee, who also produced this track.

This song has a very personal meaning for Ni’Year, because it is about the performer’s view on relationships and being committed to someone. If you truly want to stay true to another person, you have to be there anytime, anywhere, no matter what. Unconditional love is not the easy kind of love, but it can be the truest kind of love, especially when someone else truly means something special to you. This track combines melodies inspired by pop and R&B, with a classic hip-hop sound, taking cues from legends like Outkast, Tupac, as well as Goodie Mob, only to mention but a few.

The Clearwater rapper has more than a few tricks to show the audience, and “Overtime” is definitely a new chapter of an amazing story, that will take the audience by storm.

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