Nathaniel Essayas – Wanna

Nathaniel Essayas dropping his new single, ‘Wanna’

My name is Nathaniel Essayas. I’m a 21 year old R&B artist born in Ethiopia and raised in Canada. I recently released a new single titled “Wanna” available on all platforms. This song became somewhat of a prayer to me. If you believe in manifestation, this song, and a lot of other songs i make are just that, manifestations. When I was writing “Wanna” I talked about things I wanted to do as if I had already done them, and things I wanted to have as if I had already had them. I mention working in the studio all night as if I was homeless, this was before I even had a studio, but now, those lyrics couldn’t be more true. All my songs are prayers and manifestations at their core, i’m hand crafting my reality through my music