Natalie Goodman – Just A Friend

Natalie Goodman introducing brand new single, “Just A Friend.”

Natalie Goodman is a talented singer and songwriter who specializes in creating relatable country music. Her sound is timeless, yet refreshingly modern, connecting with the audience through spontaneous lyrics. Her most recent release is a song titled “Just A Friend,” which has a fun and catchy vibe, in spite of a deeper personal topic. In fact, the track deals with the aftermath of heartbreak, and how to get back on your feet after experiencing a difficult relationship. As one of the most promising country singers of her generation, Natalie managed to combine some fantastic lyrical insights with a catchy and spontaneous melody. Fans of artists as diverse as earlier Taylor Swift, as well as Michelle Branch are definitely going to enjoy Natalie’s fantastic approach to country pop music, and her fresh voice. She has a huge dynamic range, giving her songs a lot more depth. The production is modern and diverse, giving the song a world-class tone.

Find out more about Natalie Goodman, and listen to “Just A Friend,” which is now available on the web.