Napalm Picasso – NYC Blues

Napalm Picasso - NYC Blues

Harlem artist Napalm F Picasso releases new groundbreaking single, “NYC Blues”

For some artists, the environment in which they live in is actually a deep source of inspiration. This is definitely the case of Harlem-based artist Napalm F Picasso, who really lives and breath the New York state of mind!

Recently, Napalm set out to announce a groundbreaking new release titled “NYC Blues.” This song seamlessly explores the artist’s influences, ranging from timeless old school rap to great modern hip-hop, and everything in between. Having been active and perfecting his rhymes ever since he was only 14 years old, Napalm has now reached his absolute peak as a performer, and his style is a really fantastic outlook on his upbringing and influences.

If you enjoy the work of legends such as Biggie Smalls and A Tribe Called Quest, you are certainly going to enjoy this particular release. However, even fans of modern hip-hop and Trap music will connect with “NYC Blues” and the really warm, punchy vibes you will find in this single, in addition to Napalm’s uniquely engaging lyrical flow.