NaJaCa Soul – Soothing Breath


NaJaCa Soul, the sensational R&B trio comprising triplet sisters with roots in Ghana and Germany, proudly presents their latest single, “Soothing Breath,” accompanied by a captivating music video that promises to stir emotions and uplift souls.

From the tender age of early childhood, the sisters, Jazzy Love and Senyo Soul, felt an innate connection to the world of music. It began as a faint whisper and gradually evolved into a constant reality, leading them to embark on a journey where their angelic voices graced school events and family gatherings, eventually becoming an inseparable part of their everyday life.

The trio’s musical inclinations were nurtured not only by their professional singer mother, a significant influence during the late ’90s and early 2000s, but also through keen observation of live gigs and performances. NaJaCa Soul’s influences transcend boundaries, drawing inspiration from legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Bob Marley, shaping a multifaceted musical palette that knows no genre, age, or temporal limitations.

“Music is the food of the soul,” emphasizes NaJaCa Soul, who sees it as their mission to cater to the soul with enriching, meaningful content while steering clear of the ‘junk.’ Their musical style is an amalgamation of diverse elements—R&B with Afro-beat, reggae with soul, and hip hop—blended harmoniously with their soulful voices, laying the foundation for a unique, distinctive sound.

Spearheaded by the talented musician and producer Rudy Valentino, “Soothing Breath” stands as their latest musical offering. The accompanying music video, an idea conceptualized by Jazzy Love and Senyo Soul, encapsulates a narrative akin to a fairy tale, transcending emotions of pain and hurt to evoke the uplifting energy of love. With special appearances by their niece Razberry and the gifted artist Steffani Seven, the video narrates a story of transformation and healing.

“We observed the world entangled in conflict and misunderstandings in 2020-2021,” shares NaJaCa Soul. This societal backdrop inspired the creation of “Soothing Breath,” aimed at offering solace and calm amidst the chaos, underscoring the importance of love and unity in these challenging times.

NaJaCa Soul’s journey continues as they prepare for the release of their upcoming single, keeping fans eagerly awaiting what promises to be another musical gem. For those yearning to join them on this harmonious voyage, the trio invites audiences to connect via their social media platforms and YouTube channel, promising an exploration of more soulful, inspiring melodies.

NaJaCa Soul, the embodiment of elegance and vibrant musical expression, has shared the stage with iconic artists like Andrew Roachford, Leon Ware, and the Sugar Hill Gang, carrying the spirit of these legends into every performance.

“As we traverse this musical odyssey, there’s so much more to explore and share with you,” affirms NaJaCa Soul.

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