Mykal Fontenot – The Ballad of Rosie Gray

Mykal Fontenot presenting his single, ‘The Ballad of Rosie Gray’

Falling at day #76 of a goal i began of recording a different song every day for a year in an attempt to help end a two-year bout of songwriter’s block, and written within an hour of my girlfriend and I deciding to end our “troubled” 4 year relationship, “The Ballad of Rosie Gray” officially ended that battle. What I began with the intent of being a revenge song, ended as nothing more than the true story of our relationship from my perspective, based entirely on my ex(whose name is not Rosana Gray but rhymes with it, and I later shortened to Rosie so as to not make it so obvious, everything she says, does, and every line in the song comes from incidents personally experienced by myself, which shows that sometimes reality is more shocking than fiction.

Not having a female to play the character of Rosie, I happened to find a bag of clothes that she left and an old wig that had ended up in our van after one of many music festivals we attended, I learned how to clone myself, and had the video made by the next morning a total of about 6 hours after she and I broke up. In the two months that this video has been out, she has become quite popular, I’ve made her a recurring character in several of my videos, representing my daughter’s mother in a video I have in progress, making guest appearances in videos that have nothing to do with her, and even playing my exs own mother in a video that I made after she left a less than polite voicemail on my phone which i returned with an equally less than polite remix of. I even made her a Facebook and Instagram account. Representing personality characteristics my ex displays “behind closed doors” the Facebook one was shut down within 24 hours because her controversial behavior violated every rule in it’s standards of conduct, but the Instagram is still going strong and she even has more followers than me. This is the story of my relationship with “Rosie Gray”.