Mykal Fontenot – Rosana

Mykal Fontenot presenting his single, ‘Rosana’

This song entitled “Rosana” is part 2 of my “Rosana Gray” series, the first being “The Ballad of Rosie Gray”, which was featured on Artistrack last month. I wrote the first few lines one day a few months ago, but feeling nothing coming out of it, I put this song on a back shelf in my head, along with the hundreds more that Ive never completed. But recently, having no song ideas to work on, I pulled it out, dusted it off, and decided to try recording it. And it came out really good. The two people I always send my songs to first for their opinions, my brother and my niece, told me right away that they thought it was their favorite out of ALL the songs I’ve ever written. Everyone seems to enjoy it.