Music Video Promotion

Music Video Promotion

ArtistRack is the number one place for Music Video Promotion, not only will you have your music video published on but if you purchase our featured package we will also promote your music video on our social media accounts to over 150k music lovers and include you in our monthly newsletter blast.

ArtistRack has promoted 1000’s of music videos from artists and bands all across the globe. We have been promoting music for over 10 years and worked with various major and independent labels from all around the world.

How to Promote Music Video

So you want to know how to promote music video? Just dropping a music video and publishing it on YouTube is not good enough, ArtistRack understand how to promote a music video, we will firstly publish your video on our site which gets 1000’s of hits daily so you know your in the right place.  This is where we encourage you to choose our featured package as this will give you a spot on our main page, we will then promote your music video on our social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+

If you purchase the featured music promotion package we will continue to promote your music video to over 150k+ music lovers for 5 days. Too help with your music promotion, in the featured package we will also include you in our monthly newsletter which is sent out to record labels, club DJ’s, music tastemakers, radios and music lovers.

Our Music Video Promotion service will increase traffic to you music video and in turn increase your views.

No matter what the Genre, ArtistRack is your solution we have dedicated sections for all the following genres:

Alternative Music Promotion

Country Music Promotion

EDM Music Promotion

Electronic Music Promotion

House Music Promotion

Dubstep Music Promotion

Gospel Music Promotion

Hip Hop Music Promotion

Rap Music Promotion 

Pop Music Promotion 

Reggae Music Promotion 

R&B Music Promotion 

Rock Music Promotion