Music Video Promotion

Music Video Promotion

Music Video Promotion


ArtistRack is the number one place for Music Video Promotion, not only will you have your music video published on but if you purchase our featured package we will also promote your music video on our social media accounts to over 150k music lovers and include you in our monthly newsletter blast.

ArtistRack has promoted 1000’s of music videos from artists and bands all across the globe. We have been promoting music for over 10 years and worked with various major and independent labels from all around the world.

How to Promote Music Video

So you want to know how to promote music video? Just dropping a music video and publishing it on YouTube is not good enough, ArtistRack understand how to promote a music video, we will firstly publish your video on our site which gets 1000’s of hits daily so you know your in the right place.  This is where we encourage you to choose our featured package as this will give you a spot on our main page, we will then promote your music video on our social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+

If you purchase the featured music promotion package we will continue to promote your music video to over 150k+ music lovers for 5 days. Too help with your music promotion, in the featured package we will also include you in our monthly newsletter which is sent out to record labels, club DJ’s, music tastemakers, radios and music lovers.

Our Music Video Promotion service will increase traffic to you music video and in turn increase your views.

Promote the Music Online to Get Success Quickly

Every musician dreams about creating a music album and music video, through which he can put his talent in front of the world. Only a few talented people get a chance of making their dream come true and being a great artist. Many people don’t get success in the music world because they don’t find a good platform to step-up. You should not let it be with yourself because there are platforms, which are helping new musicians in gaining a good response from the music lovers and producers. ArtistRack is the number one music video blogs and share your music videos here with the world to get thousands of hits on your songs.

You can get a chance of receiving a huge response from music lovers:

There are multiple genres of music. Different artists specialize in different music genres. It does not matter, if hundreds of other artists are producing music in the same genre. There are always opportunities for you and you should never step back by getting demotivated. All you need to know is how to promote your music videos. Perfect promotion strategies can help you in luring thousands of fans from all around the world. You just need to find a platform, which promotes different genre’s music every day and provides artists with thousands of hits every day. Music video promotion services by ArtistRack

Exploring such a platform would be a little difficult task. All the music lovers and musicians go online, whenever they want to search new music or launch new music. Most of the musicians believe that they can achieve a huge success only if their music videos get millions of likes on video sharing sites like YouTube. Every artist creates a page on YouTube and launches his or her new songs on this site. Actually, it does not work for everyone. There are millions of viewers and thousands of new artists that launch their music every day. You may not be able to promote music video effectively on YouTube and that’s why you should search for another platform.

Choose ArtistRack because it is the best platform for new musicians:

ArtistRack is one of the leading music promotion sites that allow new musicians to share their music with a vast music community around the world. It is a platform, where artist launch music videos and hear their favorite songs from the new artists 24-7. A platform such as ArtistRack can offer a quick boost to your career and help you in developing fast as a professional artist. The music video promotion on ArtistRack is quite easy. The results would be awesome as we not only promote your music on the site, we also share your music video to over 200,000 followers on the largest social media platforms. We will also include your music video in our monthly newsletter which will be send to 100,000’s of radio stations, Dj’s, Record Labels and music lovers…

Why ArtistRack is the best platform?

It is not as difficult to understand that only some famous music promotion platforms can provide your music video the heat is deserves. You may find multiple other music promotion platforms online. Most of them may claim to offer a huge fan base and success in the future, but normally result in not much. You need to make sure that you are working with the professionals, who have successfully launched music videos for many other musicians and artists. Do not waste your time and get noticed when you choose ArtistRack because it is a reputable music promotion site.

ArtistRack has been promoting music for many years. It has always encouraged new artists to show their talent and gain hits. Artist submit their new songs, get thousands of hits and increase their fan followers. Thousands of artists and musicians are publishing their songs on ArtistRack every day. Most of them are popular in their regions and earning huge money through their songs.

Take a chance to be a star:

It can only take one song which can make you popular among the music lovers all around the world. All you need to do is learn how to promote a music video on ArtistRack. Consider it as the first step towards success. A little hard work and you will get what you deserve, if you are really a talented artist, go online on ArtistRack and show the world what you got.

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