Mr Chill Will – Talking Shyt

Mr. Chill Will is back with a new music video: ‘Talking Shyt’

Mr. Chill Will has something special to offer, and his talent is absolutely one-of-a-kind in the modern rap world. His sound is deeply rooted in the golden age, but it isn’t just about tracing the steps of the icons of rap music. It’s all about innovation, personality, and passion. His most recent single / video release, “Talking Shyt,” is a perfect example of what I am talking about.

The track has a lush, forward-thinking tone with a massive beat, which has a gritty edge to it. The instrumentals lock in perfectly with Mr. Chill Will’s personable vocals, and the song’s video does a great job at tying everything together, bringing a catchy visual component to this excellent release.

Fans of artists like Jay Z, Tupac, as well as Lil Wayne, are definitely going to enjoy this one. This release is fueled by Mr. Chill Will’s dynamic flow, as well as a really good production concept.

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Videos shot by @DutchKillaVisual
Engineer by @SauceDaEngineer also find on Instagram Facebook and YouTube