Mr Chill Will, Shooter & Joey Natus – Do It Again

Mr. Chill Will, Shooter & Joey Natus releasing new single, “Do It Again.”

 “Do It Again” is a fantastic brand new single from 3 of the hottest new artists on the scene right now. The track features Mr. Chill Will, Shooter, and Joey Natus, and the synergy they capture on tape is nothing short of spectacular. The song has got some memorable hooks, actually featuring Shooter and Joey Natus. The verses kick it up a notch, with all 3 artists performing a verse each. Sharing verses is a great stylistic idea on this song, because it enables each performer to take the track to a different place. Every single one of these talents has a different approach, but what’s special about them is that their styles really blend in together well, especially because the song is so well-crafted. There is also a matching music video going with the release, directed by Dutchie Killa, who brought some awesome visuals to the concept.

Fans of artists as diverse as Migos, Wu-Tang Clan, as well as Lil Wayne are definitely going to connect with the raw and unapologetic twist of this modern rap banger. Although the song has a contemporary vibe, there is a lot of warmth, tipping the hat off to the sound of the golden age of the genre.

Find out more about these artists, and do not miss out on “Do It Again,” which is now available on the web: