Money and Smarts – Transition

Money and Smarts - Transition

Money & Smarts to team up for an explosive new single titled Transitions!

Money & Smarts are two of the hottest new names on the hip-hop scene right now, and it was only natural for them to join forces and team up in what is one of the most electrifying and groundbreaking singles we have heard this year.

Their recent single, “Transition” is a great example of what it takes to bring some innovation and personality to the rap scene. Money & Smart created a track that feels melodic, yet energetic and in-your-face, echoing the work of influential performers such as Nate Dogg, Big L or Capone, just to mention a few.

This single comes from the realization that life is short, and the best we can do is to leave our mark by making an impact!

Check out “Transition” on Spotify, and do not miss out on the hype:






Money smart girl together since high school they been friends ever since been through every day from the streets to feeling like the world‘s in front of them and they can’t be stopped to also understand in the realities of having so many of the things you love taken away all at once. After money and smarts experiencing life love and death. they realized that life is short but while your here you have leave your Mark and live for those who lived for you. Now with a new energy drive and sound that can’t be denied money and smarts are coming for one thing the Crown