Moe Fyaz x Skii Mask Lux XO – All Smoke

Moe Fyaz x Skii Mask Lux XO - All Smoke

Moe Fyaz x Skii Mask Lux XO introducing a brand new release All Smoke.

February 2021 – Moe Fyaz and Skii Mask Lux XO joined forces for a new release titled All Smoke. This new album blurs the lines between genres as diverse as trap and modern R&B, with an immersive atmosphere and some astonishing production aesthetics. Every element in the mix is balanced, and the two artists have a strong chemistry, which makes this release all the more personal and enjoyable. Each of the fifteen tracks featured on this record has got something quite special to offer, showcasing the kaleidoscopic direction that both artists are taking, stretching the boundaries of what hip-hop could be all about and bringing something fresh to the mix.

This release comes highly recommended if you do enjoy the sound of artists such as XXXTENTACION, as well as Juice WRLD, The Weeknd or Chris Brown, only to mention a few.

Find out more about Moe Fyaz and Skii Mask Lux XO, and do not miss out on All Smoke, which is currently available on the web’s best digital streaming platforms.