M`lissa – Fighting Change

M’lissa was born January 30th 1997 in Helmond, The Netherlands. Born into a musical family M’lissa learned to love music from a very early age. Multi talented, she’s a singer/songwriter/pianist and plays the guitar.

M’lissa has been performing live on stage from the age of 5! She has more than 5 million views for her videos on YouTube and has had multiple TV and radio appearances.

Her second single “Hopefully” reached the heady position of number 10 in the official Dutch top 100 in 2010.

Her debut album has been produced by top 10 producer/songwriter J.S.Weastell and mastered by Grammy winning mastering engineer Bob Katz.

The album is available on an exclusive 8GB USB stick including a luxury jewel case.

The first single from the allbum “Ashes On The Ground” reached the heady position of number 17 in the official Dutch top 100 in 2014 for 14 weeks. The video has already received more than 1.9 million views on YouTube!

Fighting Chance is her new single, the song is written and produced by Jan and Lavon van der Toorn. Great things are expected for 2015 and beyond.