MjeSham – Da Turtle & Da Rabbit

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Da Turtle & Da Rabbit’ by MjeSham:

MjeSham is a 25yr young Music Artist/Writer/Performer/Fashion Designer and Humanitarian from Atlanta Ga. Although MjeSham enjoys recording and performing music, by his own admittance, he reveals that music is not his first love, and that actually his first love is fashion.

MjeSham attended The Art Institute of Atlanta for fashion and clothing design directly out of high school;but feeling that they weren’t really offering what he expected, or meeting his expectations as a school, he moved on from there and started his own (Signature Clothing Brand) rightly named MjeSham.

MjeSham distributed his brand himself which included several different custom designs. After doing that for a while, and being as creative of a creator that MjeSham is, he started to dibble and dabble in writing rhymes, and songs with his younger brother (Realize Jay) who is also an artist on Gaistabank Ent.

They teamed up together to come up with a banging street hit called “Da Turtle & Da Rabbit” which incredibly became MjeSham”s debut single release. MjeSham has the belief that he has more to offer the world than just music. MjeSham says he wants to bring music, fashion, style, and cool back to the hip hop culture; And truly, and honestly believes, that he can do all of this, while still spreading Love, and Peace to All. So fasten your seatbelts, sit back, and prepare for the ride of your life. As you enter into a mind of one that you may never grasp, comprehend or understand, we would like to say welcome to all, Welcome To The World of MjeSham!