Mike Multi – Keep It Pushing

Mike Multi - Keep It Pushing

Mike Multi – Keep It Pushing:

Born March 5th, raised in Newark, NJ.
I’m a Song Writer, Hip Hop Artist, Poet, Culinary Artist, a Hustler, & lover of good things.
I am a true hip hop fan, I enjoy all other types of music as well.
I’m working to reach people, with a positive attitude, hard work, creativity,
showing who I am, threw experiences I’ve been threw, the good & bad, but
I never gave up on life.,”
“Hip Hop is my favorite, it’s an era of music that I grew up on.
I picked it up myself, because I enjoyed how it sound, what Mcs where talking about,
how they dressed, the dances, it was Hip Hop all the way.
I was in Love with it, it inspired me to start writing music, &
learning about the music biz.” …,