Memphis Smoke – Slime Ball

Memphis Smoke - Slime Ball

Memphis Smoke presents: Slime Ball

November 2020 – Straight out of the Home of the Blues, Memphis Smoke is an exciting new artist that you should have your eyes on right now. He recently dropped an exciting new release titled “Slime Ball.” This song captures all the warmth and feel of some the best old-school hip-hop. The sound of the production is edgy and slightly grimy, lending the music and the vocal delivery a more balanced and organic air to it.

Definitely check this out if you appreciate the work of artists such as Kevin Gates, as well as A Tribe Called Quest, or Big L, only to mention but a few. “Slime Ball” is capable of offering all that you could ever ask of a quintessential hip-hop song. Loud bass that only gets better as you turn it up, immersive soundscapes, and more importantly a voice that is personal and full of character. Memphis Smoke represents his local scene and beyond, and it is not surprising to see that his following is rapidly expanding and taking him places.

Check out this release, and find out more about Memphis Smoke.