The McCrary Foundation Choir – Let There Be Peace

The McCrary Foundation Choir – Let There Be Peace:

The McCrary Foundation Choir is a 36 member family recording act comprised of three generations, of one family, ranging from ages 3 to 70. They are the go-to choir for music’s most memorable performances including Michael Jackson’s internationally televised funeral in 2009, Beyonce’s 2015 Grammy performance of “Take My Hand, Precious Lord,” and Common and John Legend’s “Glory,” also performed at the 2015 Grammy Awards. The choir is an offshoot of The McCrarys, the acclaimed American family Gospel and R&B group known for the songs “You” (featuring Stevie Wonder on harmonica), “Love on a Summer Night,” and “Any Ol’ Sunday” (later covered by Chaka Khan).

“Let There Be Peace” was written to reflect the atrocities recently occurring all over the world. ​In the U.S.,​ ​the African American community keeps losing life after life as a result of police brutality and increasing racial tension. Devastating gun violence is taking its toll around the world, from San Bernardino to Orlando to Paris, contributing to growing Islamophobia. Possibly the worst of all are the heartbreaking images being released of children covered in debris and blood from the war in Syria. While acknowledging the current problems plaguing the world, the McCrary​ Foundation ​hope​s​ to inspire change through peace and harmony with their new single.