Mastalokey – TheoryToFacts

Mastalokey - TheoryToFacts

Mastalokey introducing a brand new mixtape: TheoryToFacts

Mastalokey is an artist based in Richmond, Virginia. He created a distinctive and one-of-a-kind sound that sets the bar higher in terms of hip-hop music, truly redefining what this genre could bring to the table in terms of excellence and dynamics. The artists recently released some of his best work to date, in the form of his fourth studio mixtape: TheoryToFacts. This release hits the mark with a one-of-a-kind sound, that’s punchy and impactful. More importantly, the artist managed to offer a glimpse at his diverse style, since there are so many different influences highlighting his diverse flow!

If you like all the modern greats of hip-hop, you should not overlook this talented rapper on the rise, because his music keeps getting better and better, one release at a time! His track-list is exciting and diverse, and every single song on this new mixtape is an absolute banger, with so much energy on tap.

Find out more about Mastalokey, and do not miss out on his most recent studio release, TheoryToFacts, which is currently available on Soundcloud.