Marco Tha Gr8 – Covid-19

Marco Tha Gr8 - Covid-19

Marco Tha Gr8 releasing brand new single Covid-19

The Coronavirus crisis is something that is taking the world by storm completely, taking so many people by surprise and leading to some difficult times. Also known as Covid-19, this Coronavirus has caused many countries to go in full lock-down, disrupting our lives.

Many artists are actually talking about it, and rapper Marco Tha Gr8 recently came up with a new single, aptly titled “Covid-19.” The song combines the artist’s signature lyrical flow with a production quality that is absolutely top-notch, literally some of the best in terms of modern hip-hop sounds. This release has got everything. Melody, punch and rhythm, as well as a distinctive personality that feels quite catchy and iconic.

In spite of the difficult time, Marco is making the most out of a touchy situation, turning what could be a static moment into something that is a very positive artistic experience. With his own take and views, he is able to share something that’s really “his” with the audience.

Find out more about Marco Tha Gr8 and do not miss out on “Covid-19.”