Lyrisy – I’m Okay With That

Lyrisy presents his hot single: “I’m Okay With That”

When it comes to great melodies, punchy beats and next-level wordplay, Lyrisy is a true authority. The Harlem (GA) rapper is back on the scene with another astonishing single titled “I’m Okay With That.”

The track wastes no time: it kicks off dead-on, with a fantastic trap-inspire drum sound. What’s really great about this particular release is definitely the fact that Lyrisy’s vocals soar on top of the mix, showcasing his confidence and personality. While many rappers try to hide behind the production of their beats, this is definitely not the case here. Lyrisy has a very present lyrical flow, which echoes the work of some of the best names in the industry, from Kanye West and Future, to Kendrick Lamar and Post Malone, only to mention but a few.

This song is a great example of modern hip-hop, soaking in different influences, but retaining a really uniform and pleasant tone.

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