LUCKY! – 121718

Melodic rapper LUCKY! introducing brand new single and visuals for: 121718

LUCKY! is a hip-hop artist hailing from The Bronx, NYC. His style is distinctive because of his ability to combine great melodies with energetic beats and unique groove ideas.

Recently, he released a brand new single, which comes with a beautiful set of visuals to match the intensity of the music. The track is titled “121718” and it sets the bar higher when it comes to production and performance. LUCKY!’s unique melodic style is inspired by neo-soul and R&B, as well as pop. There are so many different elements that spice up the mix, and “121718” stands out as a truly excellent calling card for an artist with a lot to say. The visuals are suggestive and beautifully filmed, giving the music a perfect context and a stunning sense of cinematic depth.

Any fans of artists as diverse as Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, or Drake should not pass up on this brand new release from one of NYC’s hottest new rap artists on the scene today.

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