Lorenzo Iannotti – If Love Comes To Call

Lorenzo Iannotti proudly presents his exciting new single, ‘If Love Comes To Call’

Lorenzo Iannotti is an Australian singer-songwriter whose first pop release earlier this year, Now and Forever, saw him attract not only the attention of radio stations in the US but record labels also. He’s since signed with G.I. Records and music publisher Soda Box Music and has just released his second single for the year If Love Comes to Call. And what a single it is: a mainstream pop song that has hooks all through it, delivered with a controlled sense of power and urgency by Lorenzo, a classically trained tenor, whose unique style has been compared to George Michael. It’s a song about heartbreak yet doesn’t wallow in the sadness but imagines a more hopeful outcome rising from personal loss. The lyrics are direct, identifiable and pertinent, melded to a set of striking melodies and enhanced by subtle, clever instrumentation that never subtracts from the essence of the song.
The highlight, of course, is Lorenzo’s stirring vocal performance as he conveys the bittersweet melodies and lyric with finesse and a finely-honed musical sensibility. The arrangement works well, making the most of the usual cycle of surprise and expectation in a good pop song. The style of both the song and Lorenzo’s performance is multi-layered, which will no doubt appeal to a variety of radio formats. It’s a pop song with mainstream flourishes yet one which might easily slide into the country category. The response to Lorenzo’s last single has been amazing attracting radio play in the States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Russia and the release of this new single will no doubt continue that support.
If Love Comes to Call is a heart-stirring, emotionally resonating song with Lorenzo’s powerful yet vulnerable voice delivering a lyric that is sure to connect with people on a global level.