Lil Kant ft M.G. – Drip Sauce

“Drip Sauce” is the hottest new release this summer!

Lil Kant has just dropped his fresh new hip-hop single, “Drip Sauce”, featuring M.G.

The track has a classic hip-hop feel with a contemporary edge. This style is reminiscent of the likes of Biggie Smalls, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, and Snoop Dogg, to mention but a few acts. Lil Kant has the same smooth rap flow and direct attitude that makes him stand out in the scene.

The music video for “Drip Sauce” is shot by Thomas Tyrell and edited by Lucero. It perfectly embodies the vibe and energy of the track, as it’s full of beautiful women, cash, friends, and weed.

“Drip Sauce” has a crisp production quality that emphasizes Lil Kant’s charismatic vocal line and the atmospheric instrumental. The beats are also fluid and rhythmic, making “Drip Sauce” an all-round great hit. This is the kind of number that you can’t just listen to once. After the first time, you’ll be listening to it again and again.

Check out Lil Kant’s new track, “Drip Sauce”, and the music video at the link above! Make sure you follow the artists on their socials to stay tuned for new songs, music videos, and more!